Commercial Construction Projects

Gage Personnel: Office Building Retrofit

This unique and exciting project involved retrofitting a 12,000 square feet building formerly used as a real estate office. The space needed to be upgraded in order to accommodate the needs of Gage Personnel, a thriving staffing agency. The building required numerous upgrades and renovations to meet the client's needs.

Despite the building's age, we suggested incorporating the new construction with some preexisting structural elements. We also determined that the HVAC system could be reconditioned and reused saving the client thousands. A new front entryway was constructed showcasing storefront glass and a custom fabricated glass and oak stained vestibule wall. New casework was installed throughout including a custom built receptionist desk and eight work stations. Most of the existing hardware and doors were in very good condition which made it easy to recondition and reuse them helping both the client and the environment.

All interior walls were refinished and repainted to match the casework and maintain the feel of new construction throughout. The old inefficient lights were removed and new energy efficient lighting solutions were added to further reduce energy consumption and related costs. Overall it was a fun project and tt was a true pleasure working with the wonderful people at Gage Personnel.

We would like to wish them all the best and hope that they enjoy their new office for many years to come!

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