Truly Unique Projects

Moving A Home

We were approached with a challenge to relocate an entire home. An architect asked Ferrara if we could move his home approximately one mile down the road. There was sentimental attachment to this family home which the owner understandably wanted to maintain.

Apart from raising the family's children under the houses roof, the home was originally built by the current owner and his father. Challenges included precise layout and construction of new foundations allowing the relocated home to be placed as soon as it arrived on the new site.

The planning phase of this project was essential, initially considering whether the home would comfortably fit on the new slightly smaller lot. We worked closely with township officials to ensure that all regulations and safety requirements were strictly adhered to including the placement of foundation walls and much more. In the end, all township requirements were not only met but exceeded.

We are very proud to have been a part of such a challenging project and truly enjoyed working closely the owner to achieve his architectural vision.

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