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Let the experts protect your investment...

In order to keep your investment at it best Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. offers one time and ongoing maintenance packages to ensure that your home and family are safe. Do you know who to call if your home is damaged during a storm, or if a water line suddenly bursts?

Now you don't have to worry, Frank Ferrara & Son. Inc. can protect your family and your home. Many people simply do not have the time or the experience to properly maintain their home. Even simple things like a clogged gutter can cause water buildup in the wrong places which can lead to expensive water damage.

Let us do a free home audit to ensure that you can sleep well knowing that you family is safe and that you avoid problems before it is too late.

Our affordable package starts at only a few dollars a day. Click Here to find out more!

Green Home Retrofit

As prices for home electric, heating, and cooling rise, can you be sure where your money is going? Let us do a free, no obligation, in-home consultation to determine what simple changes can have dramatic effects on your utility bills.

We can provide you with recommendations for replacing older appliances with new energy efficient appliances and we can also determine how efficient your windows and door are at regulating weather conditions. When you are ready to update your home, we will sit down to develop a customized package to address any possible concerns you may have.

We will even show you how you can upgrade your home windows, appliances, and more using free government stimulus and tax break options.

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