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Here you can find the most up to date information on Government Tax & Rebate Incentives. Also discussed are new and innovative construction techniques and methods for going green without breaking the bank.

These videos were created by the most trusted resource in the industry, The National Association of Homebuilders. Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. has been a member of the NAHB for several decades and we are proud to contribute to the work being done to help educate and empower today's homeowners.

Earth Day: Home Energy Tracking

April 22, 2010 We look at the latest in professional energy audits from a builder perspective. First, who should you hire and why? What kind of tests should be done? What do you need to look for in the way of results, and how do you turn those results into a marketable asset? This video was produced for HGTVPro.

Investing in Your Future: Is Home Ownership Right for You

Thinking of buying a home? Wondering if owning a home is a good investment? NAHB Chief Economist Dr. David Crowe explains the benefits of home ownership.

The Green Home Guide: Connecting the Green Dots

July 02, 2009 The Green Home Guide: Connecting the Green Dots provides consumers and prospective home buyers with the most up-to-date, simple, and affordable strategies used to embrace a greener lifestyle at home. By investing in durable, practical, eco-friendly products and practices we can change our world for the better.

Building a Modular House

May 15, 2009 Modular homes are the ultimate prefabricated building system, constructing nearly 90% of a home offsite. A highly customizable home can be built in a controlled factory environment while the building site is prepped. This technique can save builders and homeowners time and money by cutting overhead and outsourcing during the construction process.

NAHB's Green Building Program: Start here!

An introduction to the National Association of Home Builder's National Green Building Program

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