The secret to Commercial Construction success is experience...

Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. is well-known in Berks and surrounding counties for our continued excellence in the completion of hundreds of commercial projects.

Our success and close attention to detail stem from the systematic business formula that we follow. From project procurement to completion, our experts inspect and document every step of the construction process.

In following this formula, we are able to expedite the construction process while maintaining meticulous attention to each individual aspect of design and function. Our formula avoids setbacks by addressing possible risks during the planning stages. The final defining purpose of our business process is to provide our clients with an exceptional level of first hand interaction, coordination, and value.

Better coordination yields better results...

During difficult economic times, it takes experience and insight to exceed customer expectations while remaining under budget. Our close relationship with area subcontractors & suppliers insures our clients receive exceptional quality and superior pricing on every project.

Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. understands how important every project is for our customers. We develop a customized schedule and plan to ensure every project remains on track during each phase of construction. Each step of construction passes countless quality control checks, ensuring the highest possible quality and finish.

Let our reputation speak for itself...

We have established ourselves within the community as being the trusted name for commercial construction. For over seven decades, we have built great relationships.

We are proud to work with the best architects, suppliers, subcontractors, and inspectors, on both a regional and national level. This ensures that our clients always receive the lowest prices available for labor, materials, and more during every step of the construction process.

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