Raising the standard...

We have built our reputation by constructing truly unique and elegant custom homes. Whether you are interested in designing your new dream home, or planning on renovating an existing property, we will be there to help you make a quick and painless transition.

Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. is well known as being Berks County's premier home builder. We have the skills and expertise necessary to complete your dream project while adding true value to your home.

The extraordinary quality of workmanship highlighted in our residential projects can be seen throughout the area. Many of the beautiful homes in Wyomissing proudly display our close attention to detail. Whether you are renovating an existing home, or are looking to build, we will work with you to achieve your goal.

We work hand-in-hand with area architects and subcontractors to tackle nearly any project. We also offer Design-Build applications, which helps by lowering overall costs and shortening project timetables. Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. is a full-service contractor offering construction services from conception to completion.

Meet our friends...

When you are in the business for over seven decades, you build great relationships. Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. prides itself on the relationships that we have built with architects, suppliers, subcontractors, inspectors, on both a regional and national level. This ensures that our clients always receive the lowest prices available for labor, materials, and more during every step of the construction process.

Do you know where your money is going?

As prices for home electric, heating, and cooling rise, can you be sure where your money is going? Allow us to do a free, no obligation home consultation, to determine what simple changes can be made, which would dramatically reduce your utility bills. We can provide recommendations on replacing older appliances with new energy efficient replacements.

We can also determine how efficient your windows, doors, and insulation are at regulating changes in weather conditions. When you are ready to update your home, we will develop a customized package to address any possible concerns you may have. We will show you how to upgrade your home's windows, appliances, insulation, and more using free government stimulus and tax credit options.

Do you have time for home maintenance?

In order to keep your investment at its best, Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. offers residential maintenance packages to ensure that your home and family are safe. Do you know who to call when a pipe breaks in the middle of the night? Now you don't have to worry, Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. can protect your investment day and night.

Most people do not have the time to worry about home maintenance concerns. A mere clogged gutter can lead to costly water damage. Now you can protect your home for only pennies a day. Call now and asked about our reduced pricing!

Wondering how the government stimulus package can help new and existing homeowners?

Given the opportunity, Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. can design a customized package to update your home with new energy efficient appliances and alternatives. We help our customers research and apply for government tax rebates as well as other stimulus driven savings options.

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