When downtime is not an option...

In the fast paced world of the retail industry, downtime is not an option. Whether you are looking to design your own retail building, or renovate an existing property, we can design the space that you envision and your business deserves.

For nearly eight decades, Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. has worked closely with retail clients to ensure that their tight timetables are met.

Local clients like Vanity Fair, the Fairgrounds Mall, and the Berkshire Mall have relied on Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. to handle their construction needs for many years.

We are experts at maintaining a regulated clean and safe work-site environment. We are also available for after business hours work if required.

Your job is to worry about sales, ours is to protect your business. Frank Ferrara & Son, Inc. offers very affordable maintenance and emergency packages for all of our clients.

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